UniBitComPatch v1.3 (Build 28.04.08) #Downloads
Voodooman's hideout
28 Apr 2008 13:54
UniBitComPatch v1.3 (Build 28.04.08)
Its an Universal BitComet User-agent spoofer patch. It Will help u to avoid ban of bitcomet client on many private trackers. Also it will help in some other cases smile
Its compatible with ANY version of BitComet!!!


+ fixed Vista UAC compatibility issues both in patcher and updater.

+ added support for font scaling on Vista both in patcher and updater.

+ minor interface improvements: added version tab in properties of patcher and updater, updater notificator improved.

+ Unpackers for "PE compact 2" packed Bitcomet.exe now included and can
be found inside UNPACKERS directory.

- b2e.exe*** and closeapp.exe*** false positive virus report will
not be triggered in most popular aniviruses.
Thx 2 all peoples who reported Kaspersky lab and others antivirus
vendors about false positive, now B2E removed from virus bases.

*** - components of GetUBCPupdate.exe

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