UniBitComPatch v1.5 (Build 17.07.08) #Downloads
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17 Jul 2008 14:09
UniBitComPatch v1.5 (Build 17.07.08)
Its an Universal BitComet User-agent spoofer patch. It Will help u to avoid ban of bitcomet client on many private trackers. Also it will help in some other cases smile
Its compatible with ANY version of BitComet!!!


v1.5 (Build 17.07.08)
+ new custom minimalistic design of patcher`s interface, hope u will enjoy it ;).

+ New INLINE version of patcher packed with regular one, its designed to patch
PACKED Bitcomet.exe without any unpacking tools.

v1.4 (Build 09.05.08):
+ ported to new patching engine, that caused many major and minor changes.

+ patcher now have log console, each step of patching can be monitored,
also every line of log can be copied into clipboard (useful for my support).

+ each implementation method and string that should be patched not split
into steps with logged output, if one of steps failed u will be noticed.

+ backup created only after first successfully performed step.

+ Bitcomet.exe path now detected automatically*, just run patch and press Start!
You dont need anymore to put patch files into Bitcomet folder or browse for

+ Changed interface (i did almost same interface as in previous versions),
now update button appears at main window instead of About window, after u will
start patching information panel will turn into log console, due of automatic
detection of Bitcomet path Browse button was removed and path input form now
read only (u cannot type path manually anymore), icons redesigned (to suite
custom design of patch that will appear in next update), plus some minor changes.

+ Updater reworked, Bat2Exe B2E launcher was removed due of damn false positive
reports** of stupid antiviruses (that shit caused lot of panic, and peoples start
to afraid to use the patch... some even baned me for all the goods i did...).

+ now during update u will see damn Console window (well purpose of B2e was to
hide it, but because of paranoiacs u can "enjoy" that old school design).

+ changed name of updater from GetUBCPupdate.exe to _ Update .exe***
U can manually remove GetUBCPupdate.exe or it will removed automatically
after u will run once new updater.

*** - PLEASE DO NOT RENAME new updater!!! reason of that weird name of updater
is specific of new patch engine, well it actually using same variable string
for both name of the button and Shellexec command so instead of fixing lot of
stuff in code i just used that trick to make button Update look like "update"
and not like Update.exe.

** - some antiviruses may still Yell on CLOSEAPP as Not-a-virus but Riskware,
but its safe tool (just as B2E) that just closing window of Running
UniBitComPatch to avoid ERROR during update "application is running\read only
and cannot be updated" if u start updater while running patch.
This tool used by many Admins at Cyber Cafes around the world, also it used
in famous WindowsX`s Vista transformation pack. It will not theft your credit
cards numbers with 50$ balance (lol who need that crap?) or your logins
and passwords for some god damned forums that visiting only u and couple of

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