Site almost re-done... + bonus: Valve's games high res icon pack #News
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10 Jun 2010 03:46
Site almost re-done... + bonus: Valve's games high res icon pack
Last few weeks i was updating my site, that was abandoned somewhere in 2008 year due of server problems.

Old site engine was rewritten with new cms, but new cms mean new problems, and salvation of these problems mean a lot of rewritten code.
I promised myself few years ago that im done with programming, but it still cant let me go, and its pretty big pain in arse now, because it so freaking hard to code when you forgot almost everything you knew about programming.

After this total reconstruction my site have comments, rss, twitter integration and many other things you may not care about laughing, like custom error pages 404, 403, etc (try ).
All downloads still available, and there are some file that i never published on site but which was here for years.
For example beta icon pack of Valve games including original Half Life, Half Life 2, Counter Strike, Team Fortress 2, Portal and even Portal 2 which was made long before it was really announced (i knew its coming wink).
It was available here for friends since 2008, i only updated archive with few new icons half of year ago.

Download these icons now!

ATM im busy with code polishing and restoration of some old news.
Please use comments for bug reports and suggestions.
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